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Payroll Master

Your solution to effective payroll management.


Our bespoke payroll management services work by providing a clear view of all your members, offering a simple on boarding process as well as efficient management to ensure all payments are made accurately. 

Payroll Master is a UK based pension payments system, automatically applying UK tax, making the payments of benefits a simply automated process. We also offer support with international payment methods. 


Why choose us

Manual payroll process are still widely used by many businesses globally, making some unsure about transferring over to a new, modernised way of payroll. However, manual methods of payroll are very time consuming and it is quite easy to make simple mistakes without realising. Our immersive payroll system completely eliminates these factors and makes the payroll process a simpler task.

There's more

Other benefits include using real time information (RTI) to submit Full Payment Submissions (FPS) and Employment Payment Summaries (EPS) to HMRC, allowing transparent communicated between the revenue and our software. 

Pension Master can automatically generate required reports such as P60’s, P11’s and P45’s creating a quick and efficient process. 

Get started


Get in touch with us for a short consultation call for us to have an in-depth understanding of their individual needs and objectives.


We will go away and put together the best advice possible, a bespoke quotation and timescales in which we can implement your solution effectively.


We will swiftly move on to the next steps of the procedure. Our team can get to work on building your software immediately, regularly checking in with you and providing comprehensive updates of progress.

Can Payroll Master help you?

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