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A Big Congratulations To Leighton Jones!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Leighton has now successfully completed his Level 4 apprenticeship in software development. We are so proud of his hard work and his input here at Life & Pension systems.

Leighton Jones is one of our youngest employees here at Life & Pensions Systems and what an impact he has had on our company! He is an absolute asset, with a huge desire to continue to develop further, as well as bringing many smiles and laughs to the team.

Leighton started his level 3 apprenticeship programme in computing with a previous company in 2017. Following this he entered his Level 4, 15 month apprenticeship with us at Life and Pension Systems. With hard work and determination, Leighton gained a BCS Level 4 Diploma in Software Languages and a BCS Level 4 Diploma in Software Development Methodologies in which he was awarded Distinction.

Leighton has proven himself to be an invaluable part of our growing development team and we love seeing him flourish in his career.

Well done Leighton!

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