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Get Organised For The New Year With Workflow Master

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

We all look at the New Year as a way to create goals to improve our life and our business. If one of your new year’s resolutions is to become more organised and streamline your organisation then look no further.

Our product, Workflow Master is a software system that can be used to capture, generate, track, edit, approve, store, retrieve, retain and delete documents associated with your business processes.

Workflow Master has helped our clients to reduce often large amounts of paperwork that slow

down day-to-day operations within their organisation. We have also supported our clients with the ability to ensure document security, add access control, hold centralized storage, hold an audit trail and streamline search and retrieval.

Using our product we have helped hundreds of companies to save time and money. We offer an affordable document management and workflow platform to help you overcome your business challenges. With the pressures of a displaced workforce due to the pandemic and ensuring business continuity, you can benefit from a system to reduce errors, control access, improve efficiency, and drive productivity.

Benefits for YOUR company

  • Any member in your organisation can access required paper and digital documents from anywhere at anytime

  • Leading solutions to unify your entire information stream helping to reduce overwhelm in your company

  • Collaboration, version control, large file transfer, client web portals and similar features facilitate co-working. With an increase in remote working this is becoming increasingly important.

  • Access-controls for different teams and departments

  • Choose from on-premise Cloud/SaaS or hybrid solutions, according to your security preferences.

  • Enable the DMS-integrated workflow modules to streamline business processes and to eliminate manual data entry.

  • By automating certain processes you can reduce your staff costs while ensuring you continue to improve customer experience

  • Ensure regulatory compliance is implemented throughout your processes

There is no business too small or too large that Workflow Master isn’t appropriate for and we offer a range of options to suit your budget

If you are interested in seeing how Workflow Master can work for your company click the link below to book in you demonstration with our team.

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