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Helping Others At Christmas With 'Operation L&P'

Every year Life & Pensions Systems get the team together to support those in need.

Originally this mission was to help pensioners with their groceries at the start of the pandemic when they were shielding and unable to go out and shop for themselves.

Following the grateful response from those supported, Georgina, Life & Pension's Finance Controller, got in touch with our local council to understand how we as a company could help more in our community. Georgina was made aware of many struggling families living in our area and she was determined to start this mission by issuing 30 food hampers every quarter to those who need it.

Every quarter, Life and Pension Systems contact the local Councillor for addresses of those who need the extra support and Georgina and the team pack up food hampers and deliver them all around Liverpool. We also issue the local school with 5 large hampers each quarter when Operation L&P is in full force.

The contents of these hampers is completely funded by Life and Pensions Systems. We shop around local supermarkets to get the best deals to ensure we pump these hampers full of amazing goodies for our beneficiaries!

Alongside 'Operation L&P', we also support North West Cancer Research and this coming year we are the head sponsor for the North West Cancer Research Gala & Awards in May 2022.

We would love your support with either of these causes, so if you would like to send a donation please contact for more information.

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