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Life & Pensions Well-being 'Lunch & Learn' With Rachel Philpotts

Sometimes this time of year can begin to get really overwhelming - Christmas fast approaching, deadlines at work and all the other personal responsibilities we have to fit in!! It can be really common to burn out!

As part of our well being strategy at Life & Pensions Systems, we provided a 'Lunch & Learn' with nutrition Expert, Rachel Philpotts, to educate us on how to naturally prevent burnout.

Drawing on her clinical experience as a functional medicine practitioner and nutritionist specialising in mental health, Rachel Philpotts guided our team through her 4 step Mood Boosting Method, illustrating how to nourish, engage, restore and re-frame both body and mind in order to prevent burnout naturally.

In the session we were educated on the following;

What burnout is:

  • The body’s natural stress response, and

  • The three stages of burnout

How to recognise burnout:

  • The signs and symptoms to look out for

How to prevent burnout, naturally:

  • Evidenced-based nutrition and lifestyle tips to tackle fatigue and emotional overwhelm.

It was so useful for all who attended and we learned valuable information to help us all to overcome our burnout challenges over this busy month.

Are you interested on inviting Rachel in to talk to your team?

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