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A Warm Welcome To Our Newest Team Member

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We are delighted to announce the dynamic appointment of Louise Jones to further enhance our senior leadership team.

We have been providing pensions software solutions and expertise successfully for over 30 years from our offices in both the UK and Ireland. We couldn’t do this without the hard work and commitment of our team, enabling us to provide consistent support due to our high staff retention and excellent teamwork.

A couple of years ago, we embarked on a business plan along with new investment into the business to ensure that we had the resources in place to continue to build upon our high standards of support and to enable the company to grow and ensure scalability.

This started with our own internal apprenticeship program, and we are happy to say our two young apprentices have developed through their apprenticeship programs and are now fully part of the development and support team.

Back in March we expanded our Sales and Marketing team with a specific focus on Client liaison and communications both internally and externally.

Finally, on top of all the above, we are now delighted to announce the dynamic appointment of Louise Jones to further enhance our senior leadership team.

Louise has worked in the pension industry for over 35 years and brings a wealth of experience across not only Pensions Systems, Pensions Administration and IT but also from a senior corporate operational level within a large organisation.

Having started out at Mercer as Systems Manager, Louise moved onto PFP benefit solutions, (now Ascot Lloyd Financial Services), where she rose to the position of 'Head of Pensions IT and Operations'.

Louise's relationship with L&P, began as a client over 17 years ago so her experience of working with our company and our systems meant it was easy for Louise to fit seamlessly within the team.

Louise has extensive knowledge of UK occupational pension schemes, including DB, DC, Care, and has been responsible for implementing many legislative changes in her career. Her existing and extensive knowledge of our systems and user experience enhances and compliments our systems offering and strengthens our products within the industry.

Alongside this, Louise will be working with our Director and the senior management team on improving the internal operational processes of the company to align our internal and external growth strategy and bring us to a new higher level of corporate operational standard.

We sincerely hope that our recent investments into L&P and the continued expansion of our team and product offerings showcase our willingness to ensure our clients receive an unparalleled quality of service and foster long-term professional relationships that support the mutual growth of all parties, as we continue to go from strength to strength in the forthcoming years.

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