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Pension Dashboard Updates

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Our team are continually working on ensuring that our clients are prepared for connection to the Pension Dashboard. Some of our clients will need to connect sooner rather than later and will need to be ready to supply pension information on their schemes through the pensions dashboards ecosystem.

There is a great deal of work involved in successfully preparing and connecting to the pension dashboard and our priority at this time is advising our clients on how to prepare and to help them start to prioritise and take action.

Within Pension Master, there is already report functionality within Pension Master for core data checks along with numerous standard reports available to use for data checking and cleansing. We will be issuing further updates and guidance very soon to identify where we expect mandatory data to be held and to ensure consistently across all Schemes, along with any bulk update tools to assist. Further, we have also developed new screens within Pension Master to include new required records and fields.

We will continue to update you and if you have not started to look at your connection planning we are here to help. Life & System Pensions can support the open API and security requirements for connection and meet the technical standards and code of connection that you will need to comply with as Pension Administrators.

Let us help you fill in the gaps and be dashboard ready contact us at

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