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Pensions Dashboard - Are you prepared?

We are just in to 2022 but ahead of us is a year of planning for the new UK pensions dashboard which is due to go live in 2023. The aim of the pensions dashboard is to show a user the pensions information online, securely all in one place. This means that pensions providers, technical services, multiple parties will all need to be connected to make dashboards work.

At Life & Pensions Systems, we have proven success in such connectivity as we have worked with some of our overseas clients connecting to their local government databases and we have also worked with a large UK client to put in place connectivity between multiple parties to enable international payments. Therefore, we have the experience and the technical ability to rise to this challenge and get you connected when the time comes.

In preparation for dashboards, data is key. We can help you with any data cleansing projects too. We have specialised reports and tools that can check your data for gaps and logical entries. Don’t leave it until the last minute, let us help you to get prepared.

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