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Strain On Resources? Read on...

Pension administration services are in high demand, as work volumes increase in all areas.

A major challenge for pension scheme administrators is the impending resource crunch. DB schemes, which are a core part of the industry, have an aging population, with many members nearing retirement. This leads to a higher demand for quotes, pension payments, and member services, as well as the unfortunate reality of members passing away, which increases work volumes.

One of the main challenges that administrators face is how to manage their resources efficiently and effectively. Technology can be a powerful tool to help them achieve this goal, by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and providing data-driven insights. However, not all technology solutions are created equal, and choosing the right one for your organization can make a big difference.

Find a system that can automate as much as possible;

By automating more tasks and allowing simpler cases to be processed without human intervention, the workload of human resources can be reduced.

Use a technology provider that can provide a Self Service Member Portal;

By offering your members a self-service portal, members are able to action certain tasks, and view their documents online. The more the member can do them self, the more the strain off the administration team.

Implement Workflow Management Software;

By streamlining processes, the company can enhance its efficiency and save time. This time can be allocated to other tasks.

We can support you with Pension Master to Automate, Pension Master online for your member portal and Workflow Master to streamline your processes.

If you would like to view our systems, please book a demonstration with our team at

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