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UK Team Trip to Ireland

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Earlier this summer UK team members traveled to Ireland to touch base with some of our Irish clients.

Since the pandemic all our meetings with Irish companies have had to be conducted virtually, and although this allowed us to continue to effectively work with our clients, we have really missed being able to meet face to face with them.

The trip was really successful and in-person planning and development sessions with our clients were both productive and motivating for both parties. We were able to look to the next 12 months with our clients and support them with their ever expanding businesses.

As a company we pride ourselves in providing our clients with all of our knowledge and expertise with full commitment and enthusiasm. We aim to always understand best system requirements and functionalities needed to ensure our client gets the best fit system as they expand and develop.

Our ethos has always been to work mutually with our clients in an open and collaborative manner to shared success and we work hard every day to achieve this.

We were also able to spend time with members from the Irish office and take part in some in-person team bonding to continue to allow our staff relationships to grow from strength to strength.

The trip was an absolute triumph and we look forward to returning to Ireland again soon.

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